The New Mr. & Mrs. Behrmann

The New Mr. & Mrs. Behrmann
established 11.13.10

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Dudes Next To Kevin

Zach Perry - Best Man
(referred to as The Good Son)
Zach and I met in 8th grade. Many a night was spent at the local roller rink, or sleepovers at Zach’s house – after all he had a pool table and sound system in his basement. Reunited late in High School through the track team, we have been inseparable ever since. When we both departed for college, we remained friends, with Zach even moving in with the Behrmann family in the summer of 2000, and quickly rose through the ranks to become the #1 son. Zach is responsible for my addiction to metal music, tattoos, and missing my flight back to school after my 21st birthday bash in Miami Beach. It was promised over our many years of friendship that we would be the best man in the others wedding, the only question then was would be it side by side, or standing at the back of the room pumping the keg. BRUDERSHAFT!
Jason Parsell - Groomsman
(Street Cred name – Parsells)
Jay and I met as freshman roommates at Duquesne University and formed an immediate and lasting friendship. Friends throughout college, many a beer, soccer game, and road trips later, we ended up as housemates again in the legendary residence formally known as “63 Dilworth”. We both enjoyed hours of Madden wars late into the night or early morning, sharing stories about working for the man, women, and stabbing attempts with paperclips. We are a defensive force to be reckoned with on any soccer field and a juggernaut tandem on any beer pong table, from NJ, to Pittsburgh, to Louisville, to Miami Beach. Jay is personally responsible for giving me the nickname “Big Perm”.

Keith Behrmann - Groomsman
Brother of the Groom
(also known as Little Perm and Baby Bear)

They say you can hand pick your friends, but you are assigned a brother. When I found out I was going to be assigned a brother, I immediately named him Gladys. Lucky for him, the parents disagreed with that and named him otherwise. From a young age, we were inseparable, except for when dad came home and broke up the wrestling match, wrestling football, wrestling street hockey, or wrestling soccer game in the street, yard, hallway, basement, living room etc. Keith seemed to always be in my room, mostly because I had put Keith’s head through the wall and hid the hole with wall decorations. Young Keith returned the favor by pushing me through a glass table. (NOTE: no brothers were seriously injured in the destruction of the house) When I returned to NJ from PGH, the Behrmann boys became staples at the local drinking establishments, concerts, golf courses, soccer fields, and ice rinks. It was Keith who got involved in Hockey first that awakened my excessive passion for the sport, allowing us to form two-thirds of one of the most formidable offensive lines in Bender league history, not to mention a level of goonery not quite seen before.

I am honored to have my 3 brothers by side on my wedding day.

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