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The New Mr. & Mrs. Behrmann
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Monday, June 28, 2010

The All Important Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Josephine Cariveau - Flower Girl
Niece of the Bride
My niece Joey; our family’s curly headed tornado, is making her debut as our flower girl. A job she’s so excited about, the first question out of her mouth when she heard we were engaged was, “Do I get to be their flower girl?”. She’ll turn 7 the month before the wedding and will be in the middle of her First Grade year. We’re excited to have her with us on our big day and can’t wait to see how adorable she is in her pretty little dress.

Liam Cariveau - Nephew of the Bride
Ring Bearer

I met Liam on my first visit to Phoenix in February 2009. After meeting the family over my first Wineburger, Liam famously told me and Sarah, “I want cousins!” At that point, he officially sealed the fate of this relationship. His demands have not changed thus far. We enjoy throwing baseballs around and engaging in Nerf Dart gun fights in the yard at family functions. I think it’s swell having a nephew and look forward to having Liam to hang with for years to come.

(Editors Note – While visiting Phoenix, please visit the Original Wineburger on 19th Ave & Bethany Home Rd. for the best burgers in town!)

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